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Best Coffee Beans 2021 – Top 7 Picks + Buying Guide

In this article, we’ll review the best coffee beans for 2021, including our top roasts and flavors, as well as a helpful buying guide.

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Best Coffee Beans in 2021 – Updated by Burbro Editors on February 11th, 2021

When you’re choosing the best coffee beans, you’re choosing much more than just a coffee bean. You’ll need to choose a breed of coffee bean, the flavor, the roast, the origin or the blend of coffee beans. You may also want to decide on the coffee beans’ acidity and caffeine levels so that your body can handle the coffee that you’re drinking.

While coffee made from whole beans has a fresher taste, you may not have time in the morning to grind your coffee beans. If this is the case, you’ll want to look at the best ground coffee beans so that you can find the perfect coffee for your daily routine. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best whole coffee beans in the world. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide so that you know what to look for when you’re choosing coffee beans for your brewing needs.

Best Coffee Beans in 2021

If you’re searching for the best whole coffee beans, you’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed the best-tasting coffee beans in 2021 and compiled a list of the best coffee beans.

Here are the best-tasting coffee beans in 2021.

Runner-Up List

1. Intelligentsia Whole Bean Coffee

The Best Medium Roast Coffee Beans.

This is a product photo from our Best Coffee Beans 2021 article. it features a red bag of Intelligentsia beans overlaid on a white background.

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If you enjoy a medium roast coffee with a smooth taste, we recommend that you try the Intelligentsia Whole Bean Coffee with a medium roast. These coffee beans come from El Salvador and carry a balanced and versatile blend that’s easy to enjoy at any time of the day. When you’re drinking the Intelligentsia Medium Roast Coffee, you’ll find that there are hints of toasted almonds and dried fruit, which add the distinct chocolate flavour that these coffee beans possess. We recommend grinding the beans with size 5 or 6 grinds to get the most fullness from these beans. You’ll then want to use a 1:18 coffee to water ratio to get the perfect strength of coffee for these high-quality coffee beans.

2. Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans

The Best Coffee Beans for Espresso.

This is a blue and gold bag of Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans overlaid on a white background.

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The Lavazza Super Crema is an Italian style coffee bean that is ideal for making espressos. The Super Crema beans come with a rich taste that carries hints of hazelnut and brown sugar, which makes it one of the best coffee beans for espresso. With the Lavazza Super Crema beans, you have a light to medium roast coffee made from Arabica and Robusta beans. It also carries rich flowery undertones of honey, almonds and fruit, making it a delicious treat. One of the things we love about the Lavazza Super Crema whole beans is that they provide a rich coffee that is sweet enough to drink without milk or sugar. This is ideal for anyone that prefers to brew their own coffee and drink it black.

3. Stone Street Whole Bean Coffee

One of the Best Flavored Coffee Beans.

This is a navy and cream colored bag of Stone Street Whole Bean Coffee overlaid on a white background.

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One of the best gourmet coffees you can buy is produced by the Stone Street Coffee company. They are located in the heart of NYC and have been perfecting the art of roasting coffee beans since 2009 and have become a sought after coffee house in Brooklyn, New York City. Their gourmet coffees come with a medium roast, produced from 100% Columbian Arabica coffee beans. These beans also come in reusable bags with degassing valves so that the beans remain fresh and retain their vibrant tastes. With Stone Street Coffee, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of flavors such as blueberry cobbler, caramel nut, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate raspberry, toasted coconut and much more. 

4. Bulletproof Whole Bean Coffee

One of the Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans.

This is an orange, brown, and cream colored bag of 'The Mentalist' bulletproof Coffee Beans.

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One of the best dark roast coffees that you can enjoy is the Bulletproof Medium-Dark roast coffee. These are organic coffee beans that have been picked by hand without the use of chemicals. They are also tested for toxins and come with the rainforest alliance certification. The medium-dark roasted coffee beans by Bulletproof Coffee come with a rich, full-bodied taste. When you mix this with the aromatics of dark cocoa and vanilla, you end up with a cup of coffee that has a cherry sweetness while carrying undertones of almond and caramel. We love that these coffee beans have been grown in the high-altitude climates of Guatemala and Columbia. Once the beans have been grown, they are handpicked and sorted by a team of experts. These beans are then sustainably washed and dried before they begin roasting the beans to perfection. 

5. Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Coffee

One of the Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans for Espresso.

This is a brown-colored bag of Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Coffee Beans overlaid on a white background.

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A household name in the coffee industry is Starbucks, and they are well-known across the globe for their high-quality coffee. If you’re a fan of dark roasted coffee, you’ll want to try their espresso dark roast coffee beans. With the espresso coffee beans from Starbucks, you get an intense taste that has a caramel sweetness. If you add steamed milk to this cup of coffee, you get one of the best-tasting coffees without having to leave the comforts of your home. For the Starbucks Espresso Coffee Beans, it’s recommended that you don’t grind the beans until you’re ready to brew yourself a cup of coffee so that the taste is retained in the oily coating of the coffee beans without allowing the taste and aroma to evaporate before you begin brewing. 

6. Geisha Coffee Costa Rica

One of the Best Arabica Coffee Beans.

This is a navy and red colored bag of Geisha whole bean coffee. There is a picture of a mountain printed onto the bag.

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The Geisha styled coffee is a rare form of ancient coffee that was wildly grown in Ethiopia. It was formally found in the small town of Gesha and carries about 30% less caffeine than other arabica coffee beans. The Geisha Coffee Beans from Costa Rica are grown in high-altitude climates and are grown about 3,000 ft. above sea level. They use volcanic ash as the soil and moisture pulled from the overhanging clouds to grow these delicious coffee beans. If you want a high-quality gourmet coffee bean with many flavours and a cool backstory, you may want to consider brewing your coffee with the Geisha coffee beans from Costa Rica.

7. Tim Hortons Whole Bean Coffee

One of the Best Budget Coffees.

This is a picture of a bright red bag of Tim Hortons whole bean coffee. This is a Canadian staple, and a very recognizable brand.

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If you enjoy having a great cup of coffee, but you don’t want to pay the price for a premium whole bean coffee, you may want to look at the original blend by Tim Hortons. This coffee is a well-known staple of Canada and is one of the best coffees you’ll find in the cheaper price range. The Tim Hortons Original Blend is made from 100% premium arabica coffee beans and is professionally roasted by experts. This provides a medium roast coffee with a perfect balance, a full taste and a smooth finish. One of the things we love about Tim Hortons is that they have a signature blend of coffee beans and a roasting recipe that provides a perfect cup of coffee every time that you drink their coffee. While other blended coffees may have a different taste, the Tim Hortons coffee is always consistent in taste and texture. 

Best Coffee Beans Buying Guide

We want to help you find the best coffee beans for your cup of coffee. However, everyone has a different sense of taste, so what may be the perfect cup of coffee for one person may not taste like the best coffee in the world to you. 

In this section, we will provide the benefits of using whole coffee beans for your daily coffee. We’ll also show you the features that you should look at when you’re choosing coffee beans so that you can pick the best tasting coffee beans for your daily cup of coffee. 

Benefits of Using Whole Beans

One of the benefits of using whole coffee beans compared to ground coffee beans is that the whole beans will stay fresh for a longer period of time. When you store coffee beans properly, the coffee beans will stay fresher and retain the vibrant flavors stored in the coffee bean.

The reason that whole coffee beans stay fresh for longer is that the flavor and aroma of coffee beans are stored in the bean’s shell’s oil coating. If this shell isn’t broken, the coffee’s flavour will be preserved for longer, meaning that you have fresh coffee every time you brew with whole bean coffee.

However, once you grind the coffee beans, those oils begin to evaporate, which results in a loss of flavor and aroma when you’re brewing your coffee. We recommend that you store your whole coffee beans and only grind enough coffee beans for your daily use if you want to preserve the taste and aroma of your coffee.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans

Now that you know the benefits of using whole bean coffee, it’s time to look at how to choose the best coffee beans for your daily cup of coffee. You’ll need to read through this list of features so that you can narrow down the choices and find the best tasting coffee for your daily coffee. 

Here are some key features to consider when choosing coffee beans.

1. Choose a Brewing Method

When you’re choosing coffee beans, you should consider the coffee brewing methods that you’ll be using to make your cup of coffee. While many don’t consider the brewing method when choosing coffee beans, it all matters when you’re trying to find the best-tasting coffee. 

Here are some popular brewing methods that you can use. 

  • French Press – One of the most popular ways to brew coffee is by using a french press to brew your coffee. If you’re using a french press, you’ll want to find coffee beans that are medium to dark roast so that you get the full flavour. Here are some of the best coffees for the french press.
  • Cold Brew Coffee – If you enjoy a cup of cold-brewed coffee, you’ll want a lighter coffee with low acidity so that the taste isn’t too bitter. Here are some of the best coffee beans for cold brew coffee.
  • Espresso – If you’re brewing coffee with an espresso machine, you’ll want to be careful about the type of coffee beans you’re using. For example, you may want to use Italian Coffee Beans to create the perfect espresso. If you’re brewing espressos, here are the best coffee beans for espresso. 
  • Pour Over Coffee – If you enjoy taking the time to create a pour-over coffee, you’ll want to look for a coffee that has ‘origin’ on the package. This means that the coffee beans come from the same location, and you won’t have a variety of tastes when you drink the coffee black. 
  • AeroPress Coffee – An Aeropress coffee maker is well known for brewing a single cup of coffee in no time. You’ll just need an Aeropress coffee maker, some hot water and the right coffee beans to brew a delicious cup of coffee. Here are some of the best coffees for Aeropress. 

When it comes to brewing coffee, there are many brewing methods that you can use to create the perfect cup of coffee. However, these are some of the most popular ways to make coffee and can be used with any whole coffee beans that you choose.

2. Pick a Coffee Bean Roast

As you’re choosing the best tasting coffee beans, you’ll need to consider the coffee beans roast before purchasing the coffee beans. The roast of your coffee beans will determine your coffee’s flavor, so you’ll need to be careful about choosing the right roast if you want to drink the best-tasting coffee. 

Some coffee lovers prefer to have a coffee that tastes bold, earthy and has a strong coffee taste, while others prefer to have a lighter coffee with a fruity, floral flavour that’s easier to palate. 

Here are some pointers to help you choose the right coffee bean roast. 

  • Light Roast Coffee – If you prefer an easier coffee with fruity undertones and a floral flavour, you may want to go with a light roast coffee. Often, light roast coffees are the easiest to drink black because they don’t require milk. If this sounds right for you, you’ll want to look at the best light roast coffee. 
  • Medium Roast Coffee – Medium roast coffee is the middle of the line in terms of coffee flavors. You’ll have a bolder taste with this coffee roast, and if you drink black coffee, it will taste stronger. However, you can add milk to medium roast coffee without it tasting like tea. If you think that medium roast coffee is perfect for you, you’ll want to look for the best medium roast coffee. 
  • Dark Roast Coffee – If you enjoy ‘coffee that tastes like coffee’ you’ll want to use a dark roast coffee. The dark roast coffee has the most robust coffee flavor and will provide the jolt of caffeine that you need to get going with your day. If you feel like dark roast coffee is right for you, you’ll want to look for the best dark roast coffee.
  • Flavored Coffee – If you enjoy coffee with more flavor, such as french vanilla coffee, you may be interested in flavoured coffee. You’ll find that you can choose many coffee flavors, so you may want to give several flavours a try so you can determine the best flavored coffee for you.

If you’re not sure which roast is right for you, you’ll want to try a few of the roasts to determine which flavor and taste are right for you. You’ll also want to remember that the coffee brand will play a part in the taste of each coffee roast. For example, one coffee brand’s medium roast may be more like a dark roast for another coffee brand; however, the roasts will be in the order of boldness and brew strength. 

3. Choose a Coffee that’s right for your Lifestyle

When you’re choosing the best coffee beans, you’re not just selecting the coffee beans that taste the best or have the nicest aroma in the morning. You’re choosing a type of coffee beans that are right for your body and your daily routine. 

While you may enjoy the smell of some coffee, it may be too intense for your stomach to handle. On the other hand, you may love a particular type of coffee, but the preparation is too time-consuming for your routine, so you’ll need to settle for a different variety of coffee beans for your daily coffee. 

Here are some additional key features to consider when choosing coffee beans. 

  • Need a Morning Boost  – While there are people that are sensitive to caffeine, there are people that can’t get enough caffeine and will look for coffee that carries the biggest jolt of caffeine. If you’re looking for more caffeine in your coffee, you’ll want to look at the best strong coffee
  • Coffee that’s Stomach Friendly – If you find that your stomach can’t handle coffee, it may be because there’s too much acidity in your coffee. One way to solve this problem is by looking for the best low acid coffee for your daily routine.
  • No Coffee Grinder  – One of the problems with whole coffee beans is that you need a coffee grinder to break up the beans. If you don’t own a coffee grinder, you may want to look for the best ground coffee so that you don’t need to take the time to grind coffee beans every time you want to brew a cup of coffee. 

While there may be other circumstances that affect your coffee choices, these are some of the main problems people encounter when choosing coffee beans that taste good and are right for their daily routines. 

4. Choose the Coffee Brand

One of the things that you should do when you’re choosing coffee beans is to try several coffee brands. This is because every coffee brand is unique and has its own taste, roasts and coffee beans, resulting in a different taste. 

If you’re interested in trying new coffee brands, here are some of the most popular coffee brands you can try. 

Some of the main reasons why coffee beans taste different between brands are because the companies are using other breeds of coffee beans, and the locations may be different, which means that the soil texture is different. The brands may also grow the coffee beans differently, harvest them differently and have another roasting method for their coffee beans. While the coffee brand that you choose will vary depending on your taste, these are some of the most popular coffee brands that you can use for your coffee needs. If you don’t see a brand that you recognize, you may be interested in reading about the best coffee brands. 

5. Single Origin Vs. Blended Coffee

As you’re choosing the best tasting coffee beans, you’ll want to decide between single-origin and blended coffee beans. If you look at the packaging, you’ll see ‘single origin’ or ‘blended’ on the package, which lets you know what type of coffee beans you’re buying. The single-origin beans mean that they have been sourced from the same coffee plantation or the same region of the world. This means that the beans will all have the same taste, and you won’t get a different flavour when you open another bag of coffee beans as you’ll find with the cheaper coffee beans. 

On the other hand, if the coffee beans say ‘blended,’ it means that the beans are of the same breed, but they may have been blended with coffee bean crops from other regions of the world. Depending on the soil type, these beans can have a different taste than the beans that are being blended. If you’re unsure whether to use single-origin coffee or blended coffee, we recommend that you always use single-origin coffee beans if you’re drinking black coffee. If you’re adding milk to your coffee, the taste of blended beans will be covered by the cream. 

6. Fair Trade Coffee Beans

When you’re buying coffee, you’ll want to ensure that you’re buying free-trade beans. This certifies that the beans have been produced with certifiable standards being upheld by the producers, organizations, companies and consumers. 

Often, the farmers who grow coffee beans live in borderline poverty, and fair trade coffee beans ensure that the farmers are getting a proper cut of the profits. This ensures that the growers are getting paid well for their work, instead of the companies at the top taking advantage of farmers and making all the profits. In short, when you’re buying fair trade coffee beans, you’re making sure that the coffee bean farmers and their families are getting more money for their work and improving their standards of living.

7. Organic Coffee Beans 

The term ‘organic’ usually makes people think that the food was grown without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. However, when it comes to coffee beans, this isn’t the case. With USDA organic coffee, there are regulations in place for the growing, processing and packaging of the coffee beans. 

Keep in mind that not many coffee plantations go through the hassle of getting certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This means that the few companies that provide organic coffee with the official certifications. If you’re interested in using organic coffee, you may want to look for the best organic coffee. 

8. Price Range

While it’s much cheaper for you to brew your coffee at home, the price per cup of coffee is something that you’ll need to consider when you’re choosing coffee. Yes, the taste, aroma and flavor of your coffee are important, but it’ll be challenging to enjoy your coffee if it’s out of your price range. 

If you’re looking for the best budget coffee, you’ll want to go with a coffee brand that isn’t as well known. This means that you’ll be paying for the beans instead of paying extra just to have a branded coffee bag in your cupboards. On the other hand, if you have more money but not enough time, you may want to go with a more expensive option like making coffee from a single-serve coffee maker or through Keurig K-Cups.


We hope that this article has helped you find the best coffee for your daily coffee. If you’re new to coffee and explore the various tastes, we recommend that you choose several coffee brands and try the different roasts. Over time, your taste buds will let you know which coffee roasts and brands are right for you.


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