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Please read these guidelines before submitting your pitch

Welcome to the Burbro Write for Us Page. If you’re an expert in your industry and you’re passionate about your field of expertise, we’d love to have you contribute to our website through a guest post. You can also partner with us and become a regular contributor to the Burbro website and contribute posts on a regular basis.


**All guest posts come with a $15 (USD) editorial fee that goes directly to the cost of running the website to ensure the site’s longevity. We pay for website hosting, editors, web designers, and graphic designers for the posts with this money. 


***Please note: The editorial fee will not grant you special link placements or spammy links in the article. We will still require a high-quality article with links that are relevant to the reader.

What We Want

We are looking for experts that would like to share knowledge about their field through guest posts. If you’re passionate about your field of expertise, we would love to have you contribute a guest post on our website or become a regular contributor to the Burbro website. 

Our goal is to take topics that our readers may be interested in and break down the topics so that they’re easier to understand. We also want these posts to be written well and formatted so that the articles are easier to read.

What You Get

While we don’t pay contributors for their guest posts, other benefits come from writing for Burbro. Some of these benefits will include:

  • Exposure to an online audience around the world
  • The ability to set yourself as an expert in your field
  • Up to two backlinks in your author bio that direct the readers to your website or business so that our audience members can find you online
  • Publication and exposure to our online audience through our social media platforms
  • Links to your public social media profiles so that you can grow your social media profiles

Pitch Us A Topic

Before you get started with a topic, you should contact our editorial staff and pitch us a topic, and we’ll get back to you. In your topic pitch, you should include the following:

  • 2-3 topics that you think would work well on our website. 
  • Links to your website and social media. (for verification purposes)
  • A few paragraphs about you or your business and why you’re qualified to be ‘the expert.’
  • Links to past articles that you’ve written (If you have published articles)

If you don’t have any topic ideas to pitch us, send us information about yourself, your expertise and your business, and we’ll be in touch. If you have other topics that you think we’d be interested in, please send us the topic idea to Info@Artiiseo.com and a little bit about you and your expertise. 

Once we’ve received your topic pitch, our team will review your pitch and get back to you, or perhaps suggest another topic that we’d be interested in having you write for our website.

Choosing A Topic

If you’re interested in writing for Burbro, we’d love to have you contribute. Our website has a wide variety of readers, and we cover a wide range of topics to meet our audience members’ needs and interests. Here are some of the topic categories that we cover in Burbro.


Please Note: If you’re an expert in any of these fields, feel free to pitch us topic ideas that you think would work well with our audience. If you have topics that aren’t in these categories, you can send us a pitch, and we’ll get back to you.


Here are some examples of the topics that we DO NOT ACCEPT.

  • Example 1: 10 Best Credit Cards in 2020.
  • Example 2: Best Car Rental Agency in Las Vegas
  • Example 3: Best Injury Lawyer in Pittsburgh
  • Example 4: Best Roofers in Texas

Here are some topic examples that we WILL ACCEPT.

  • Example 1: How to become debt-free in 2020
  • Example 2: 10 Places to Visit in Las Vegas
  • Example 3: How to Start a Lawsuit in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Example 4: How to Replace Cracked Shingles

Our goal is to get the experts to answer the questions so that our readers will get the right answers from the industry experts. By answering the readers’ questions, you set yourself up as an expert and build trust with the readers in your area, growing your local business.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Article Guidelines

  • All content should be unique, original and never published on the internet. We will check for plagiarism before the post is published and after the post has been published on the internet. If we find that there’s plagiarism or a cloned post on a different site from the same author, we’ll remove the post from our website
  • All articles should be between 1,200-2,000 words in length
  • All articles should be written in English, with no grammatical errors
  • Please spell-check your articles in Grammarly before you submit the final article
  • Create a compelling introduction that grabs the reader
  • Create a summary of your article, rounding up the major points at the bottom of the article
  • NO PLAGIARISM (If we find plagiarism in the article, we’ll refuse the submission)
  • The articles should be well-formatted and easy to read
  • Please use H2, H3, and H4 headings to make the article easier to scan
  • Don’t use long paragraphs or run-on sentences. The paragraphs should be no longer than three sentences


  • If you have media that supports your article, such as photos, videos and infographics, you can add the media to the article’s body
  • Our editorial team will review the media you’ve attached to the article and decide to approve or reject the media files based on the media files’ quality, information, and aesthetics
  • If you don’t have media to add to the article, don’t worry. Our graphics team can create media files for the article


  • You’re welcome to add links to the article’s body as long as the links are relevant to the article and bring value to the reader
  • If you’re citing sources or making statements within the article, please add the links to the sources to verify the source
  • No spammy anchor text or link placement within the body of the content
  • Don’t use the backlinks as a sales pitch for your business or services. This is why you have an author bio
  • No backlinks to website homepages, unless it’s within the author bio. 
  • No hidden links or affiliate links
  • No links related to gambling, drugs, alcohol, smoking, loans, or adult websites
  • **We reserve the right to change the anchor text on any backlinks to make them more useful for the reader and the right to remove any links that we find to be spammy or too promotional.

Author Bio

  • Please attach an author bio with about 75-200 characters about yourself, your business and your expertise
  • Attach a profile photo of yourself to go along with the author’s bio
  • You’ll be allowed up to two (2) do-follow backlinks in your author bio so that our readers can connect with you and your business on the web
  • Please submit links to at least two of your social media profiles (LinkedIn and Twitter or Instagram)

For Agencies

  • If you’re an agency, we allow author bios for you and your client so that everyone who helped create the article can get credit for the guest post. However, you’ll only be allowed two (2) backlinks between the two author bios
  • Please submit the logo of your client’s business and a professional headshot of the author so that we can give credit where credit is due
  • Please add as many social media profiles as possible for your agency, the author and the client so that our audience can follow the ‘experts’ on social media

Submission Guidelines

If you have a topic that you think would be interesting to our readers and be a success on our website, please send us an email and pitch us the topic idea. When you’re pitching topics to the Burbro editors, please follow these guidelines.

  • Submit 1-3 topic ideas with brief outlines of each topic
  • Please send us links to your social media, website and LinkedIn
  • Tell us why you’re the ‘expert’ and qualified to write the article
  • Submit several examples of past publications (if applicable)

If you’ve never been published before or don’t have any topic ideas, don’t worry. You can send us an email with links to your website, social media and a brief outline of your expertise/qualifications. Our team will review your request and get back to you.

Our editors are busy, so please make it easier on our staff by using the email’s subject line to tell us what you’re emailing about. In the subject line of your email, please add the relevant tags to let us know what you’re looking for, such as:

  • “Topic Pitch”
  • “Guest Post”
  • “Press Release”
  • “Product Review”
  • “Service Review”
  • “Sponsored Content” 

By adding tags like these, we’ll sort the emails and process them quickly without wasting time. If you don’t add these tags, your request will go to the back of our queue so that our editors don’t waste time sorting through emails. 

To send your topic pitches to our team, please contact our editors by emailing them at Hello@Burbro.com. Our team will look at your pitch and get back to you and accept your pitch, or suggest a topic that we’d like you to write for us. 


For Agencies

If you’re an agency that would like to submit a guest post on the behalf of your client, you’re welcome to do so, provided that the article is related to your client’s field of expertise, is well-researched, well-written and isn’t overly promotional or spammy.

As you’re writing a guest post for your client, we ask that you consult your client and get their advice so that you can quote the ‘experts’ on the topic. If possible, get their opinion, advice, quotes or information from them so that the article is more informative.

When you’re pitching topics, we ask that you send us topics that are related to your client’s field of expertise so that we can quote ‘the experts’ in the field.

Sponsored Content

We do allow companies to publish sponsored content. Please reach out to our editors regarding sponsored content ideas and pricing options.

For more information about agencies, reviews, product releases, service reviews, press releases, news, and other sponsored content, please contact our editors at Hello@Burbro.com with your inquiries, and we’ll be in touch with you.

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